Thursday, 20 February 2014

Desucon Frostbite R-18

Desucon Frostbite 2014 was the first R-18 convention in Finland. We had lots of fun and some things were better than usual: no high-pitched screaming of teenagers, more space to move around and no garbage on the floor and under stairways. Other than that the event was pretty much the same as earlier conventions, with the expectation that there was more boobs on display at the vendors' room. I think they were supposed to check every participants ID so they are over 18 years old, but for some reason they didn't check mine even though I was the youngest in our group. :'D Maybe the security officer thought he checked mine already because we looked alike with Minorea in our kigurumis.

A bunny airplane! ..almost. Atleast we had fun! (Minorea in pink wig and me in yellow.) Picture (c) Kyuu Eturaitti.
I think we are the laziest kind of con visitors out there. We usually have no idea what kind of programmes there are until we reach the convention, and this happened this time too... But we checked the schedule for the weekend when we got to Frostbite on Friday evening. This time either we didn't find that many programmes we wanted to see expect for cosplay contests. I have to admit I actually missed some interesting programmes because I didn't check them beforehand.. Maybe I'll learn to prepare better in the future? (I guess I have because I've already checked NFC programme and registered for some of them!)

Even Gaikotsu got wild with her poses because it was R-18 convention.
On Saturday we went to watch the cosplay contests and cheer on Päivi from UruharaFC. Having seen their shows before I was thrilled to see what she had come up with this time - and it was amazing! No surprise she won and she'll participate in Nordic Cosplay Championships in Sweden this summer. Congrats and good luck! ^w^
Unfortunately our furry meet was at the same time with the cosplay contests so I couldn't take part in it. I still met some furries, old and new asquaintances. And I also found a new furry friend at the convention's "friend hunt". Hehe, it was a fun way to meet Jummi!

We also tried a Maid Cafe at a convention for the first time with Minorea. We've been to a real maid cafe in Japan and I was glad to notice that this maid cafe was a lot like it! We shared a delicious strawberry cake which got even more delicious because we did a 'food spell' with our extremely cute and lovely maid. Thanks Alice!

"Taste - taste - better! <3"
This convention was weird for me in the sense that I had different costume for every day! On Friday we wore our lovely kigurumis with Minorea, on Saturday I wore my fursuit and on Sunday I cosplayed Soifon. I cursed both my fursuit and Soifon so much that I don't know if I want to wear them anymore.. Atleast I want to revamp Gaikotsu's head, paws and tail. But I'm pretty sure I won't have time for that before NFC so I have no choice but to wear that ugly thing.. ;__;

With and without the coat.
Hahah everything on my backside was so messed up but this picture will do... :'D
I cursed this cosplay whole Sunday because it was so ugly and stupid and badly made, but... This picture made me love this cosplay 10,000 times more! Thanks to Minorea for photographing~
I also bought a lot of stuff. Well atleast it was a lot of stuff for me because usually I buy only food during conventions. But this time.. I just found wonderful things. A black&red Hell Bunny dress with cute little bats  from Wannabe (you can see it in the Maid Cafe picture), a black&red collar from Kuroineko Clothing, and.. I bought two ribbons from Von Aidainder, they are lovely! I just  had to wear the black&red one for school the next day and I think it's my favourite accessory already... The brown one goes well with my steampunk related outfit. ^w^
(Yes I like combination of black & red, that's why Gaikotsu is black, red and white too. ;D)

Two ribbons from Von Aidainder and collar from Kuroineko.
All in all an R-18 convention was a good experience and lots of fun! I hope this format will continue in future Frostbites too. I think I didn't enjoy the con to the fullest thought because I'm SUPER excited for Nordic Fuzz Con! It's less than 2 weeks away! I can't think about anything but going there and meeting my dear Swedish cat Linnea <3

(Oh and I got a huge inspiration to make more cosplay costumes... Be prepared, for I'm going to finish Ponyta by LEVELS 2014!!)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Finished Projects & WIPs

I thought I should make a small update on my projects before Nordic Fuzz Con. I haven't done that much recently, I've mostly worked on drawing commissions and school stuff.. But here are some older finished pieces as well as projects I'm working on at the moment. ^^

For Desucon Frostbite I did two black canine tail commission for Kite and Rave:

Last autumn I did bodysuit commission to Vzion. Because the wearer can't use the fullsuits, she made just legs out of the body. The digitigrade legs are made by me, the partial (head, paws & tail) by BlackPawCreatures.

Bodysuit on me. I'm too small for it, but you can hopefully get idea of what the whole thing looked like. Sorry about the flash and dirty mirror, I didn't have any other way to get a picture of it. xD
This is Deo with the digitigrade legs! Pictures (c) Lutu.
The next piece is a recently finished bodysuit commission to Rimawolf. I'm too small for the costume, but you get the general idea! Oh, and our fursonas, Rima and Gaikotsu look so alike, they're like sisters! ^w^ We even have the same colours for our tails so I used Gaikotsu's tail when taking these pictures.

The next project is something special! It's a realistic cat fursuit partial I'm making for Linnea. It will be finished by NFC'14. The character's name is Lei and he loves you! <3 Have some progress photos!

A reference picture of the character. Art & character (c) Linnea aka Kirepapa.
The base after I thought it's finished. Since I'm mostly a canine artist feline anatomy is kind of  strange to me. I was hesitant weather to make the snout smaller or not, but luckily Minorea told I HAVE TO make it shorter because at this stage the base looked like a dog to her. And it does look like a dog to me too now!
The head after I shortened the snout, a lot more feline. :3
For this project I tried casting resin eyes for the first time. They turned out so pretty!
And here are two big, beautiful, hand painted cat eyes for Lei.

I made patterns for the fur and tried the pieces on. Everything looks alright, so I'm ready to sew the edges and glue the fur down!
I fooled around a little bit and tried the ears and eyes on the fur. Nothing's in place yet!
I scuplted a feline nose, jaw and teeth for the head. I really like the jaw! I used FIMO, Sculpey Ultra Light, Game Colors and Deco Acrylic paint. These are not finished yet!
 Oh and I also got a new baby: an airbrush set! I just have to get some other colours because those that came with the set are NOT suitable for faux fur. I ruined two test projects with them (I tried it on different quality of furs). I can't wait to use it to add more detail to my work.

I'll update about Desucon Frostbite once I get some more photos. ;)