I'll add all my cosplays on this page from newest to oldest.

Hinoi Team - Night of Fire feat Koriki - Rina Takenaka 

Made: 5/2014
Prefabricated parts: None
Reasons for this costume: We joked about this cosplay group for many years with my friends and then we actually did it for Mimicon's cosplay contest!
Other: I felt surprisingly comfortable even though I didn't have much clothes on me. I did my first shoe covers for this cosplay. Oh, and we placed 3rd in the contest with our energetic parapara dance. ;)

Bleach - Soifon

Made: 10/2013
Prefabricated parts: Shoes, socks, leggins
Reasons for this costume: Soifon has been my favourite female character ever since I started to watch Bleach, and Bleach was the 2nd anime I ever watched. She's just so awesome that I really wanted to cosplay her and I finally did it for Katsudocon 2013.
Other: This is the first cosplay I'm actually proud of. I had to study what hakamas are like and learn how to wear one once I finished it. I made the braids on the wig myself. I wish to make her weapon one day. :)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Panty

Made: 7/2013
Prefabricated parts: Shoes
Reasons for this costume: We wanted to take part in cosplay show competition with my friend, but we didn't have any characters we both could do. I knew that Minorea wanted to do Stocking so I just said I'll do Panty.
Other: This is the weirdest cosplay for me because I hate the anime and I felt awkward all the time in a dress this small!

Soul Eater - Liz

Made: 6/2013
Prefabricated parts: Jeans and shoes
Reasons for this costume: My friend joined a Soul Eater cosplay group as Patty. She told me that I should do Liz and I did!
Other: I still sewed the hat and the white straps on the jeans at the hotel, a night before the conventions.. :P

Naruto - Rock Lee

Made: 9/2012
Prefabricated parts: Headband
Reasons for this costume: I've always loved Rock Lee! He's an amazing character yet no one dares to cosplay him because of his.. well, odd looks. I dared to do it and had lots of fun!
Other: Shoes and leg warmers were done by my friend. I competed in this cosplay in Katsudocon 2012. Many people thought this costume was great which made me really happy!

Care Bear Kigurumi
Made: 6/2011
Prefabricated parts: None
Reasons for this costume: I got to practice sewing something easy and I just wanted to wear something colourful and cute!
Other: My friend made a pink Gloomy Bear kigurumi at the same time and helped a lot with mine.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Kisara Nanjo

Made: 6/2010
Prefabricated parts: T-shirt (I only printed the text on it), jeans, gloves.
Reasons for this costume: The character practices taekwondo which I practice myself. It was also an easy cosplay for a beginner.
Other: This was my very first cosplay.

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