All my fursuits will be gathered on this page even if they were cosplays!


Made: 4/2014
Prefabricated parts: None
Reason for this costume: Commission to Twixs of her husky character.
Other: It's the first toony head I've done, featuring follow-me eyes. The design is based on the commissioner's dog. I will make a bodysuit for it during the summer.


Made: 2/2014
Prefabricated parts: None
Reason for this costume: My first commission, to my dear friend KirePapa of her fursona Lei.
Other: This was also the first cat fursuit I did and I made it for NFC'14. When KirePapa visits me in the summer, I will edit the eyes to make the expression more nice. I'll also make a bodysuit for it and get proper photos!

Gaikotsu, 2nd Version

Made: 5/2013
Prefabricated parts: None
Reason for this costume: I didn't like the outcome of my first fursuit head, so I wanted to make a better one.
Other: The vision is good even though one might not believe it. The head has a sensitive moving jaw (it moves when I speak or open my mouth). Test video can be found in Youtube.

Gaikotsu, 1st Version


Made: 3/2013
Prefabricated parts: Eyes
Reason for this costume: I wanted to make my own fursuit of my fursona (alter ego).
Other: This was the first costume I did without any help from outside. Also my very first fursuit!

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