Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting There..

Our plane to Sweden is leaving day after today and I'm not finished with my head! I knew I was going to work on it on the very last night...
I'm panicking but the head is starting to look more finished! Last weekend was extremely busy for me (like every weekend...), but I found some time to work on the head after work.

This is what my furring progress looked like before I started to add it on the head.

My beautiful lower jaw! I love it, even though the teeth are too small.

Finally it's starting to look like a fursuit head! I still need to work on it for several hours. >__<

Olia was beeing very helpful... My sweet little sleepyhead.
I probably won't have time to update before Nordic Fuzz Con, so next time you'll get some updates from there!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Head is Coming Together!

Good news everyone! I think I'm actually going to get the head ready for Nordic Fuzz Con, meaning I WILL fursuit for the first time in my life.

This is how the base of the head looks like at the moment. The shape is not what I actually wanted, but it looks a lot better after I did some edits to it. Next time I'll know what mistakes to avoid! I'll also do my next head with different technique.

Here are some important pieces of my head! The eyes, the nose and the tongue along with some nice white teeth! The eyes are way too small, but I don't have the time to order bigger ones.
That's actually the third nose I sculpted for the head. The first two I made for the original base of the head. The first nose missed little hooks which are useful when attaching the nose to the head. The second one is just too big... But I'm happy with this third version! I hope I'll get it to the oven before I destroy it by accident..!
I have already made the models for the fur patterns so I'll just need to cut out the fabric and sew it on! You'll get to see the furred version of my head next time!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Still Missing the Head

I've never been this much into getting a suit done! It's so much fun! I wish I had realized cosplay as an option for cosplaying before... :D I've been pretty busy with work this week (today is my only day off), meaning I haven't had that much time for my fursuit. Nonetheless I've made some progress!

As you can see, I've finished with sewing the paw together. I used leather for the pawpads and they give a nice detail to this piece of fur! All I need to do for it now is claws and trimming. I'm going to make the claws from Fimo and clue them on. Oh, and I'm still missing the 2nd paw... :P This paw hasn't been all I've been doing while at home: I made a tail partial!

It's so big and fluffy and it's going to be really bouncy! Now I need to attach it to a belt.
I'm really sad I couldn't find the same fur quality for all the colours I'm using. The white fur is so soft and pretty much the length I'm wanting for these partials. The red one is long (way too long) and kind of wiry. At least I can trim it! I also ordered long black fur from eBay, but it never got to me... So I had no other choice but to visit the local fabric store and they only had this extremely short black fur! It makes me sad it's so short..! TT___TT
I also wished to have some longer fur below the tail and on the tip... But this time I'll have to survive with the fabrics I have. I'll have tons of time to edit the fursuit once the Nordic Fuzz Con is over. I just want to wear it there even though it's not going to be exactly the way I want it to be... :P

Hopefully you'll get to see the head next time! Actually you can see the current head (snout) on the shelf behind me... But I'm going to redo the base and fur it again, since I don't like how it looks atm.

My Fursona Gaikotsu that I'm turning into a fursuit..

Stay tuned for more fursuit updates! :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hi everyone!

I finally found the time to start a blog! I've wanted a new blog for my projects for quite the while already... So, what will this blog be about? Obviously about me, Yukihara. In this blog you'll have the opportunity to follow my art, cosplay and fursuit projects. Most likely you'll get some pointless updates about my life too!

You can visit my art and personal site at YUKIHARA.org.

With my first blog entry I wanted to show you something I've created... A PAW for my partial fursuit! I'm making this fursuit for Nordic Fuzz Con which is held in Stockholm, Sweden on 28th-31st of March. I've never tried to do something like this so I was kind of... worried of how it would turn out. But as you can see I have a cute and fluffy paw that fits my hand perfectly!

I still need to sew the pawpads and sculpt the nails, but I'm very pleased with the result. Oh and I have to shave some of that fur too so it won't be too fluffy. (I like it this way though... :D)