Friday, 22 March 2013

Head is Coming Together!

Good news everyone! I think I'm actually going to get the head ready for Nordic Fuzz Con, meaning I WILL fursuit for the first time in my life.

This is how the base of the head looks like at the moment. The shape is not what I actually wanted, but it looks a lot better after I did some edits to it. Next time I'll know what mistakes to avoid! I'll also do my next head with different technique.

Here are some important pieces of my head! The eyes, the nose and the tongue along with some nice white teeth! The eyes are way too small, but I don't have the time to order bigger ones.
That's actually the third nose I sculpted for the head. The first two I made for the original base of the head. The first nose missed little hooks which are useful when attaching the nose to the head. The second one is just too big... But I'm happy with this third version! I hope I'll get it to the oven before I destroy it by accident..!
I have already made the models for the fur patterns so I'll just need to cut out the fabric and sew it on! You'll get to see the furred version of my head next time!

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