Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hi everyone!

I finally found the time to start a blog! I've wanted a new blog for my projects for quite the while already... So, what will this blog be about? Obviously about me, Yukihara. In this blog you'll have the opportunity to follow my art, cosplay and fursuit projects. Most likely you'll get some pointless updates about my life too!

You can visit my art and personal site at YUKIHARA.org.

With my first blog entry I wanted to show you something I've created... A PAW for my partial fursuit! I'm making this fursuit for Nordic Fuzz Con which is held in Stockholm, Sweden on 28th-31st of March. I've never tried to do something like this so I was kind of... worried of how it would turn out. But as you can see I have a cute and fluffy paw that fits my hand perfectly!

I still need to sew the pawpads and sculpt the nails, but I'm very pleased with the result. Oh and I have to shave some of that fur too so it won't be too fluffy. (I like it this way though... :D)

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