Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Desucon 2013 (part 1)

I had amazing time in Desucon 2013! All the cosplays there were as amazing as the weather and I met many of my Finnish furry friends. ^^ I'm bad at telling about how the convention was, but you can't expect anything but a well organized event from Finland's most popular Japanese popculture convention.

I had fun fursuiting on Friday. It was cloudy so it wasn't too hot and I managed to fursuit for almost 3 hours straight. I even met some really cute kids who waved eagerly at me! They were too afraid to touch me though... xD It was my first encounter with kids while wearing my fursuit and I'm really happy that I was able to bring a smile on their faces. :3

On Saturday we cosplayed Liz and Patty from Soul Eater with Minorea. People liked us and we were told we fit the characters perfectly! I think the cosplay succeeded nicely too. We had an amazing photoshoot with other Soul Eater cosplayers too, but I haven't got any pictures yet. I'll show them to you in my next blog entry along with better pictures of our cosplays. ;)

Pictures by Kyuu Eturaitti.
In the evening we wore the pink and yellow kigurumis Minorea made for us along with some crazy gyary make-up. I'll upload those photos later too!

Sunday was for fursuiting too. Unfortunately it was way too hot and I had to take off my fullsuit right after I finished with the photoshoot. But Emilia Lahtinen took great pictures of my fursuit! They are amazing and some of them are really cute. Take a look!

Starting off with a cool howling pose!
Look at my sexy back!
"Eh, you called me cute?" *blush*
This is my favourite picture of them all! Gaikotsu looks so cute here~ <3
"Cuddles, anyone?" The moment I made this pose the photo assistants screamed "SO CUTE!!"...
...and they gave me my well deserved belly rubs!
I'll update with the second part once I've got the rest of the pictures! ^^

Friday, 14 June 2013

Quick Cosplay Update

Hi! I'm about to leave for a train to Lahti and Desucon 2013 in an hour, but I still have a little time to show you some pictures on my progress.

The shirt. It's not very beautiful, I know. xD
The hat. I don't like how the other side looks, but I have no experience with covering hats. So I'm pleased I managed to do something like this! It still needs the stitches.Oh and because the hat I used underneath was really thick I couldn't sew the canvas on.. I had to use glue instead and I really hope those wet looking spots dry away!!
Me wearing the costume. Minorea has my tie, so I couldn't wear it for this photo. I bought the shoes for 2 euros in a second-hand store!

I still have some things I'll work on on the train: I'll sew on the white straps on the jeans and the hat, but other than that my cosplay is ready! Minorea will borrow me one of her wigs because mine didn't arrive in time... ;__; 

I'm going to my friend's riding stable on Sunday after the convention. One week of sitting on a horse ahead! :3 After that my dear friend Linnéa will come from Sweden for some midsummer fun we're going to have with our Sugar Gay group (unfortunately all of as can't attend). It's going to be lots of fun! So, I'll do all this in 1,5 weeks of my summer holiday! I won't return back home in between these activities so my luggage looks like this...:

Ready to travel!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Ponyta Quadsuit & Cosplay Update

I'm sorry I haven't updated more  frequently, but I've been busy with well.. making cosplays for  Desucon (one of the biggest conventions in Finland) and also making my Ponyta quadsuit. To be honest I sent in my cosplay portfolio for Nordic Cosplay Championship! Keep your thumbs up because I really want to go there with my Ponyta! Four cosplayers will represent Finland in NärCon in July and those four people will be announced in Descucon next weekend!

I drew the redlines around a duct tape dummy that Minorea helped me with. The redlines show where I need to add the padding to!
After I made the redlines for the quadsuit I've made fast progress. I have the back legs finished (the paddings are not sewn in yet though), I started with the furring of the head and finished my arm stilts too!

The head with fur on. Time to start trimming!
I added light red felt on the ears and the nosestrils. I painted shadows on them with darker light red too.

I covered the duct tape dummy leg with padding with canvas I used as a model for the fur fabrics.
Finished back legs (without padding).
Arm stilts made from PVC-pipes.

You can see how the arm stilts actually work in the video below. I wore my Gaikotsu fursuit head while trying them out.

For Desucon I'm going to wear (of course) my Gaikotsu fursuit, but only for one day. That'll most likely be Friday. For Saturday we're going to wear our new kigurumis with Minorea. They will be really bright coloured ones with pink and yellow, and we'll both wear orange wigs and ganguru gal make-up. At some point (maybe on Sunday...?) we'll join Soul Eater group cosplay. Minorea is doing Patty and I'll do Liz Thompson.

Patty & Liz
I'll be pretty lazy with this cosplay so I'll just wear old jeans instead of making them myself. The shirt and the hat will be done by me though!

After the convention I'll go straight to a friend's stable where I'll join a riding camp and after that we'll have some midsummer fun-time! I'll do my best to update on Ponyta and Liz before that. :)