Friday, 14 June 2013

Quick Cosplay Update

Hi! I'm about to leave for a train to Lahti and Desucon 2013 in an hour, but I still have a little time to show you some pictures on my progress.

The shirt. It's not very beautiful, I know. xD
The hat. I don't like how the other side looks, but I have no experience with covering hats. So I'm pleased I managed to do something like this! It still needs the stitches.Oh and because the hat I used underneath was really thick I couldn't sew the canvas on.. I had to use glue instead and I really hope those wet looking spots dry away!!
Me wearing the costume. Minorea has my tie, so I couldn't wear it for this photo. I bought the shoes for 2 euros in a second-hand store!

I still have some things I'll work on on the train: I'll sew on the white straps on the jeans and the hat, but other than that my cosplay is ready! Minorea will borrow me one of her wigs because mine didn't arrive in time... ;__; 

I'm going to my friend's riding stable on Sunday after the convention. One week of sitting on a horse ahead! :3 After that my dear friend Linnéa will come from Sweden for some midsummer fun we're going to have with our Sugar Gay group (unfortunately all of as can't attend). It's going to be lots of fun! So, I'll do all this in 1,5 weeks of my summer holiday! I won't return back home in between these activities so my luggage looks like this...:

Ready to travel!

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