Friday, 31 May 2013

1st Quadsuit Project - Ponyta

I challenged myself with a more difficult form of fursuiting: a quadsuit. For I love both fursuiting and cosplaying I decided to combine my hobbies: I'm going to cosplay Ponyta from Pokémon.

I don't even know where I got all this inpiration, but I started this new project couple of days ago. It took me only one morning to finish with the head's base! This time it's slightly easier though because I don't need to worry about the head fitting my head, eye vision or ventilation. I'll just place the head on a helmet on top of my head.

Foaming in progress.

Today I had the time to do the last touch ups on the base and cover it with duct tape. Next I will cut out the duct tape and use it as a model for cutting out fabrics. I'm excited I'm getting this done so fast!

First I planned to do the mane and the tail from yellow and orange wigs, but I changed my mind. I want it to look more like the character's fiery mane, so I'm making it from yarn. It will be a lot of work to tease the yarn so it would look good, but I've already made some of the front mane.

Mane of fire! The mane still needs to be straightened and rearranged.

The head looks more like Robot Unicorn Attack than a Ponyta at the moment, but I hope it will turn out to be a wonderful little Ponyta galloping on four legs. x3

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mimicon 2013

I attended Mimicon 2013 in Mikkeli, Finland. This was my 1st apperance in a convention wearing my fursuit! Even though it was a convention related to Japanese popular cultural, I got good reception: people came to hug me and wanted to take photographs of my fursuit. I also got many questions about fursuiting such as: "Is it hot?" and "How can you see in it?"

I have to say it was REALLY HOT! The sun was shining through the whole weekend and the temperature was a bit above +20 degrees celsius. Despite the hot weather I managed to wear my fullsuit for over 2 hours straight!

"It's so hoooot..."

I even took part in one of the convention programmes: cosplay date. The object of this silly game is to be selected as a date by the character who is seeking a partner. The characters prepares 5-10 questions and the contestants (A, B and C) answer them. Because it is a cosplay date, you need to stay in character and answer like the actual character would answer. The questioner chooses a date based on the answer to their questions.
I had lots of fun in this programme. I actually mimiced all of my answers and the host 'translated' my acts to the audience and the questioner behind the wall. The audience reacted really well and laughed a lot when I mimiced in my fursuit. Even though Gaikotsu didn't win the heart of DOGS' Bishop, this has to be the best experience I've had on stage ever!

Gaikotsu is waiting for her turn to answer the question.

The rest of the blog entry will be pictures of my fullsuit! Enjoy! :)

"Draw me like one of your French girls."
Gaikotsu having a drink.
Gaikotsu is such a fool...
...but she knows Taekwondo!

Gaikotsu with Minorea, who cosplays Naru from Love Hina.
Gaikotsu got summoned by Itachi! Minorea cosplays as Itachi.

Friday, 17 May 2013

1st Fullsuit WIP

Hey everyone! I've almost got my Gaikotsu fullsuit done! I never expected I could do it, but today I wore it for the first time and it was quite comfortable to wear! 8D I'm really excited to wear this suit for this weekends MimiCon. It's a Japanese popculture related convention, but we'll have a small furry meet there. :3

The after I had sewn almost all part together. I know it's a bit weird. xD
And here's how it looks on me!

I still need to make the hind paws and a new tail for myself, but other than that it's done! I'm so happy! I have new paws too and they are way better than my old ones~
I still haven't fixed the head, but I'll do that today. :3

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2nd Gaikotsu Fursuit Partial

I finished my new partial in time for Oulu super meet! Actually I sewed the last bits of it on my way to Oulu on the train... And then some old sewer lady came to me and told me I should become a theater costumer. xD

These are the first sneak peak pictures I took of her with my laptop webcam (I hadn't finished all the sewing at this point):

This was me at the Oulu super meet. We went to a really cool bar! They made us flaming Rammstein -coctails and we got them after a cool fire arts show.

Me, Gestapo (the fox) and Rimawolf at the bar. Notice how similiar Gaikotsu and Rima are? That's because we are sisters! ;)

Here are some proper pictures of Gaikotsu:

Here are some things to fix in the head:
- make the muzzle/snout straight
- make it easier to wear
- make the elastics less tight
- add something to support the ears (they are kind of floppy atm)
- make eyes less puppy like
- repaint the mouth with better paint (the crafts shop keeper told me the one I used for this head is good for Fimo, but it's just crumbling off... u__u)

I also decided to start working on a full suit today! I've never done anything like it so I'm experimenting a lot! I got the top part (no sleeves) finished today and took some pictures:

And just for fun.. I did a short video so you can see how well the jaw actually works! I know it's a bit off at the moment, but I will straighten it. x3