Friday, 31 May 2013

1st Quadsuit Project - Ponyta

I challenged myself with a more difficult form of fursuiting: a quadsuit. For I love both fursuiting and cosplaying I decided to combine my hobbies: I'm going to cosplay Ponyta from Pokémon.

I don't even know where I got all this inpiration, but I started this new project couple of days ago. It took me only one morning to finish with the head's base! This time it's slightly easier though because I don't need to worry about the head fitting my head, eye vision or ventilation. I'll just place the head on a helmet on top of my head.

Foaming in progress.

Today I had the time to do the last touch ups on the base and cover it with duct tape. Next I will cut out the duct tape and use it as a model for cutting out fabrics. I'm excited I'm getting this done so fast!

First I planned to do the mane and the tail from yellow and orange wigs, but I changed my mind. I want it to look more like the character's fiery mane, so I'm making it from yarn. It will be a lot of work to tease the yarn so it would look good, but I've already made some of the front mane.

Mane of fire! The mane still needs to be straightened and rearranged.

The head looks more like Robot Unicorn Attack than a Ponyta at the moment, but I hope it will turn out to be a wonderful little Ponyta galloping on four legs. x3

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