Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2nd Gaikotsu Fursuit Partial

I finished my new partial in time for Oulu super meet! Actually I sewed the last bits of it on my way to Oulu on the train... And then some old sewer lady came to me and told me I should become a theater costumer. xD

These are the first sneak peak pictures I took of her with my laptop webcam (I hadn't finished all the sewing at this point):

This was me at the Oulu super meet. We went to a really cool bar! They made us flaming Rammstein -coctails and we got them after a cool fire arts show.

Me, Gestapo (the fox) and Rimawolf at the bar. Notice how similiar Gaikotsu and Rima are? That's because we are sisters! ;)

Here are some proper pictures of Gaikotsu:

Here are some things to fix in the head:
- make the muzzle/snout straight
- make it easier to wear
- make the elastics less tight
- add something to support the ears (they are kind of floppy atm)
- make eyes less puppy like
- repaint the mouth with better paint (the crafts shop keeper told me the one I used for this head is good for Fimo, but it's just crumbling off... u__u)

I also decided to start working on a full suit today! I've never done anything like it so I'm experimenting a lot! I got the top part (no sleeves) finished today and took some pictures:

And just for fun.. I did a short video so you can see how well the jaw actually works! I know it's a bit off at the moment, but I will straighten it. x3

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