Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fur Everywhere!

Our apartment is pretty much covered with fur... And I haven't even got to shaving the head! Today I cut the right shapes out of the fabrics. Just to see they fit each other and every inch of the head is covered, I placed them on th head with pins.

Here's how Gaikotsu looks at the moment!

The ears look a lot smaller now that the head is all furry!

I also got my order today: 2 clear resin eyes and black Apoxie Sculpt. I'm going to use Apoxie Sculpt for the eyes and the nose. I'll do the teeth and mouth from Fimo.
In the front is the industrial piercing for Gaikotsu's left ear that my boyfriend did! Normal piercings are too small so I'm really happy he made this for me~

Now I'll start sewing the pieces together and gluing them on the foam base. Hopefully I'll finish most of the head today~

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