Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nordic Fuzz Con 2013

I'm back from NFC and I still feel amazing! I went there with DJ (Drunken Jan) to meet KirePapa and her friend Dipped (everyinchofme). The convention was so GOOD! It's the best convention I've ever been to! I have trouble believing it was a first year convention since everything ran so smoothly. The staff did a great job in organizing NFC. Thank you so much for the experience!
The atmosphere at the convention was something I can't describe. I've been to tens of Japanese popculture conventions in Finland and only now I realize how lame they are. In every Finnish convention it has been really awkward to even ask if you can take a picture of a person's cosplay. At NFC you could just randomly start talking to people you've never seen before, hug them only because it's fun and be yourself without anyone thinking you've gone nuts.

Everyone could write or draw on the blackboard wall! My drawing is the highest one. To get it there I had to climb on DJ's shoulders and land on my face in the lounge...

Even though I've been a member in Fur Affinity for 2 years now I've never been around furries in real life. I think they are the most friendly and cheerful persons I've ever met! Keep it up furries! I love you and I'm proud to be called one! :3

What comes to program there were lots to take part in! Actually me and DJ missed some of the programs only because we were too busy interacting with people (and playing pool & table hockey)! There were many events during the day with freetime during which you could either rest in your hotel room, go eat outside or interact with people. I've never had so many things to do in a convention!

I really liked Open Art Jam where artists gathered and drew for each other. It was nice! This is something I drew for Pao:

 Oh... and what you really wanted to know: YES, I did get my partial fursuit ready. Actually I still sewed and glued it at the hotel room on Thursday after we arrived. But it was ready by the furuist group photo and parade by Friday! It was really nice to fursuit for the first time in my life even though I don't really like how my head looks. I think it's too big especially when it's only a partial suit... And I forgot to take my paws along with me to the convention... OTL

Anyway, here are some pictures of my fursuit!

This is me taking part in the furry parade. 50 suiters took part in it! My tail didn't want to behave. :C
I drew a badge for myself while wearing the head.
Dipped and me. I had just won the little micro snake from Fursuit Games.
Look deep into my puppy eyes and tell me not to eat this snake.
Dipped, Kheldis, Papu (KirePapa is wearing the suit) and me.

Dipped, Papu and me at fursuit photoshoot. The theme of the convention was Vikings vs. Pirates. We are Dipped's prisoners and fighting over the last bone!

I'm so looking forward to Nordic Fuzz Con 2014!  I'll definitely go there again next year!

P.S.: I ordered a wig head yesterday and it arrived today. I bought a nice ninja hood for it and asked my boyfriend to bring me more glue... New fursuit head on the way! ;D



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