Monday, 29 April 2013

Foam Base Finished!

I'm working on this new suit so much faster than on my old one. One reason for this might be that I know what I'm doing for most of the time.. But sometimes I still need to just try things out!

I have now finished the foam base for the head. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I should have used bigger pieces of foam instead of adding small pieces... That's why it might look a little odd, but all this is going to be underneath the fur, so I don't really mind! :D

After foaming I covered the head with duck tape. The weird bump on the back of the head is foam I added to the wig head. The wig head alone would have been too small so I needed to make it bolder.

I drew the fur patterns on the duck tape. I also tried on some eyes I found. These eyes won't be the final ones! I just wanted to see how the head looks with them. Next I will cut the shapes out and use them as models when I start furring.

I don't really like fursuits with big toony eyes and fat cheeks (some of them are cute though!). I'm going for something more natural but not too realistic - something that looks like a drawing of mine!

I also made the ears! They looked perfect on paper, but once I sewed them together I noticed the ears are HUGE. Of course they won't be so big after I've shaved the fur a little bit, but.. I'm pretty sure I'll have to edit them otherwise too. Gaikotsu goes for a cute little fennec fox now, doesn't she?

Yes, the back of the ears is really bright red! :D

Next time you'll see Gaikotsu very... furry. ;)

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