Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Very First Fursuit Partial: Gaikotsu

I decided to add some better pictures of my first fursuit head so you can actually see it from every angle. There are so many mistakes in it! Oh and... derpy ears are derpy. u__u"

Despite the looks of it I could see pretty well while weaing the head.
I actually like how the profile of the head looks!

From this you can see how awfully uneven the facial markings are.
It would have been nice if the moving jaw had actually worked...
This is my favourite picture of my fursuit! :3

New Partial Project

After you've seen all these pictures you might understand why I want to make a new head for Gaikotsu... I've been looking for faux fur fabrics in Finland and I haven't found anything good. Usually the quality is bad, they don't have the colours I want (they have all the neon colours, but no black or white..?!) and it's expensive. One black bad quality fur I found cost 40€/m...

Finally I gave up on Finnish fabric stores. I ordered some new faux fur fabrics from and I have to say I recommend them to anyone who's looking for faux fur! The fur has a good quality and it's really soft and cousy! They are located in the US but they ship worldwide. Even though the shipping is kind of expensive outside the US it's FAST. I ordered the fabrics last Sunday and they delivered my package to my work on Friday! I never get my stuff so quickly even inside Finland. Despite the expensive shipping the total cost was cheaper than anything I could have found in Finland.

So now that I have my fabrics I started to work on the foam base of the fursuit!

Balaclava with elastic for the moving jaw.
1st stage of foaming: mouth closed.
1st stage of foaming: mouth open. The moving jaw works!

Hopefully I'll get my new head done for the Oulu Furry Meet in the beginning of May!


  1. Arg, this look too difficult to me! Maybe you will do those werewolf costumes :D

    1. Yeah, give me 3 years and I might finish them some day... :'D
      As you can see from my first head it wasn't too easy to build for me either. u__u" Hopefully this second one will turn out better!