Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mimicon 2013

I attended Mimicon 2013 in Mikkeli, Finland. This was my 1st apperance in a convention wearing my fursuit! Even though it was a convention related to Japanese popular cultural, I got good reception: people came to hug me and wanted to take photographs of my fursuit. I also got many questions about fursuiting such as: "Is it hot?" and "How can you see in it?"

I have to say it was REALLY HOT! The sun was shining through the whole weekend and the temperature was a bit above +20 degrees celsius. Despite the hot weather I managed to wear my fullsuit for over 2 hours straight!

"It's so hoooot..."

I even took part in one of the convention programmes: cosplay date. The object of this silly game is to be selected as a date by the character who is seeking a partner. The characters prepares 5-10 questions and the contestants (A, B and C) answer them. Because it is a cosplay date, you need to stay in character and answer like the actual character would answer. The questioner chooses a date based on the answer to their questions.
I had lots of fun in this programme. I actually mimiced all of my answers and the host 'translated' my acts to the audience and the questioner behind the wall. The audience reacted really well and laughed a lot when I mimiced in my fursuit. Even though Gaikotsu didn't win the heart of DOGS' Bishop, this has to be the best experience I've had on stage ever!

Gaikotsu is waiting for her turn to answer the question.

The rest of the blog entry will be pictures of my fullsuit! Enjoy! :)

"Draw me like one of your French girls."
Gaikotsu having a drink.
Gaikotsu is such a fool...
...but she knows Taekwondo!

Gaikotsu with Minorea, who cosplays Naru from Love Hina.
Gaikotsu got summoned by Itachi! Minorea cosplays as Itachi.

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