Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mimicon 2014

The second Mimicon was held in Mikkeli on 17th-18th of May (hmm, is my blog entry late or what). I was super busy that weekend and before it too, because I had two new cosplays for the event. I've never done two costumes for the same convention and because of my university studies the month before Mimicon was super hectic. x__x

My first cosplay was a maid costume because I was working at the Mimicon's maid café. I was there together with my best friend Minorea, who was a maid called Alice. This was my first time working at a maid cafe, but it wasn't that difficult for me. After all I did my internship at a Japanese restaurant and I work at a hotel, so extremely polite customer service was nothing new to me. I was just happy I got to use the polite Japanese expressions again and all of my customers seemed to be surprised by it. x3

Roromiya doesn't mind what she's forced to wear as long as she gets to eat something. <3
To my amazement I was the only maid/butler with a self-made costume. All of the others had ordered or bought theirs, so I felt mine was a bit out of the place especially when I'm not that good of a sewer. My dress was based on Inu x Boku SS's Roromiya Karuta. Her "master" makes her wear an adorable maid costume at one point, and since I've wanted to cosplay Roromiya for a long time I decided to make her maid outfit. I didn't have time to finish all the details for the dress, so I decided to be just me and cosplay Roromiya later. Roromiya wouldn't have been that suitable for customer service either, she would have eaten all the cakes... :---D I'm going to finish the outfit this summer and get a photoshoot done as Roromiya. *counting on Minorea*

Welcome to Maid Cafe! <3 (c) Kyuu Eturaitti
(c) Kyuu Eturaitti
My another costume was something I never imagined I would wear, especially on stage.. But I did it and I even danced, a thing that I've never been good at. We took part in cosplay performance contest with our group FC Lonkerohirviöt (= FC Tentacle Monsters). Our cosplay was Hinoi Team with Korikki, and we did the costumes from the official music video of Night of Fire! All of us did our costumes ourselves.

My costume almost turned out as a disaster. I was Rena, the girl in blue and I decided to do things as accurately as possible. I'm actually proud of my top part. It's actually really neatly made, sits well on me and was perfect for dancing. I didn't feel embarrassed wearing it, and that's a lot when I have to wear something that shows my stomach. :3 This was my first time making shoe covers, and despise everyone else complaining it is horrible, I thought it was the easiest part of my cosplay. I like the result and they were fast to make. xD

The Gaylord, Paakku, Hobitti, Minorea and me. I love everything in our group, we look awesome! :D (c) Kyuu Eturaitti
The skirt is another story.. I could have simplified it and make a skirt of 10 parts. Instead I decided to make something that's exactly like Rena's skirt, something that consisted of 58 parts... My materials weren't the best possible ones and I didn't quite get the effect I wanted. The skirt was just a.. fiasco. Yeah. I didn't have time to finish it before the convention, so I sewed it at the hotel room until 2am. And I actually had miscalculated something, meaning the skirt turned out awfully short... :---D Luckily, LUCKILY, Paakku had bright pink dancing shorts with her and I could wear those during our performance. They saved my day and I actually felt really comfortable despite my small clothes.

(c) Kyuu Eturaitti
We have dreamed of this cosplay group for years, but finally we gathered all the members and all of us could go to the same convention. All of us practiced separately because we live in different towns. The first time we practiced together was on Friday, two days before the contest! But all in all I think we did really well and we had so much fun! People were shouting "Korikiii~ Asukaaaa~!!!" to us and clapped all the way from the beginning to the end of the song! Apparently it looked good to the judges too and we placed 3rd! GO TENTACLE MONSTERS! <3

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL? We enjoyed it so much that we have new plans for future conventions... So if you ever hear of FC Tentacle Monsters, that's us!

I usually go to several conventions during the summer, but this summer I'm only going to Mimicon and Närcon in Sweden. I asked for days off from work during the convention weekends, but.. No can do. Our hotel is really busy during the summer and we have many events during the weekends so I have to work or they'll be in trouble... Luckily I can go to Närcon, we actually have some cosplay contest related plans for that... ;)

What, another maid outfit? And my very first prop? Airi from Queen's Blade.
In the next update you'll get pictures of my new fursuit project. :)


  1. <333 FC tentacle monsters!! we totally had the time of our lives there, this Mimicon 2014 was very special to me! <3 I mean: the awesome maid cafe with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, the photoshoots, the competition itself including all of its preparations and random panic attacks and a lot of nervousness and excitement (you know, if I saved your day by lending you those dancing shorts, you totally saved my whole weekend by letting me to stay overnight at your house!!! thank you so much!!!!!). I loved it all so much, we totally screwed it - I mean rocked it! - as a group! I CAN'T WAIT for the next time we put up a show together... just be prepared, all of you. FC tentacle monsters are going to strike back with all of its glory and with a whole new element of surprises ~

    1. This Mimicon was very special to me too, thanks to all of you! :) <3 And you are welcome to stay overnight any time! Omg I'm so excited for our future plans! I have to get the horse mask just for Minorea... ;D

  2. Wtf, Paakku has own Google account?! I didn't know!

    But still, I think your but was <3 under that skirt! Ahem... I meant... It was great cosplay, I'm proud of you^-^ And I'm looking forwart to our next show in Närcon! Striptease!

    .....PS. I really, REALLY hate you sometimes. Hirrnh.

    1. I have to make a special post just for my pantsu shots. And yeah, our show will be the most amazing of them all!

      P.S. ILU <3