Sunday, 28 July 2013

Desucon 2013 (part 2)

Finally I got some pictures so I can finish my Desucon 2013 update!

We had one thing we really wanted to take part in on Friday: Shibari workshop. Shibari means Japanese bondage and this was the second time we took part in it. The last time was a few years back so we decided to take part in the beginners workshop.. I really wanted my own rope too which you don't get from the advanced workshop. Now I have nice 10 meters of bondage rope!

We didn't really think that the costumes we chose for the day would be the costumes we use for the workshop... So I had no other choice but take part in it wearing my fursuit! It was so hot and I had to take my hand- and feetpaws off so I could do things properly.  But it was lots of fun!  Minorea wore her Scandinavia Meets the World - Sister Sweden cosplay which had.. quite the small dress~ (*^w^*)

Minorea is trying to tame a wild wolfdog...
..the wild wolfdog tames her instead!
Gaikotsu won the final battle!
On Saturday we first wore our Soul Eater cosplays. The Soul Eater group had an amazing Death the Kid and we took great photos together! Sadly, we only got one picture from the actual photographer (Emilia Lahtinen). The another picture was taken with Minorea's camera:

After we had finished with the Soul Eater group cosplay we changed for something more comfortable: our new pink & yellow kigurumis! Minorea made both of them and they are so cute and colourful! I think that the Hello Kitty -face and the bunny ears are perfect! ;w;

The idea for these kigurumis started when Minorea read about Japanese twin- style: friends dress and make up as similarly as possible so that they look almost like identical siblings. We decided to try it with bright coloured kigurumis and gyary make-up - and succeeded! Minorea's mom started to talk to me and she didn't realize I wasn't Minorea before I started talking back to her... and I couldn't recognize myself from one picture... xD

TG stands for Tentacl Girls - that's us!

All together it was a very nice convention and I loved to fursuit again. It was nice to do a 'real cosplay' after such a long break and I had so much fun wearing my new kigurumi~ It's so comfortable that I wear it at home too (I'm wearing it at this very moment too)! Thanks to my 'sister' Minorea who made it! ;) <3

This one was edited by Minorea. I just had to steal it from her blog because it's so cute! <3

Next time I'll tell you about Animecon X!


  1. We look so damn hot when we're siblings':D

    and I think you look little bit pervert when we had our bondag... Shibari moment :D

    1. I know! No one can resist our perfect fake tan! <3

      What, you didn't even see what my face looked like because I was wearing a fursuit.. You wouldn't say "little bit" if you had. >;D

    2. Of course I can say, even furry you look's pervert in those pictures :D