Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Animecon X

Animecon X was held in Kuopio on 13th-14th of July. The whole convention was kind of a disappointment for us because the convention hall was really hard to get around and things were organised badly. The only amusement was my friends and the furries I met there. And of course the cosplay show competition!

For Saturday we decided to use our lovely kigurumis with gyary make-up. I heard some people call "OMG, GYARUS!" when we passed by and some people said that you can't be sad around us. I felt happy and energetic the whole day, yaaay! We went to bother the people at the photoshoot stall (photos © Kyuu Eturaitti):

We almost managed to do our fusion properly this time (we faileld it the first time we tried it)!
 After the convention day we went to Minorea's parents' place to build our stage prop - a demon! I started our project with "he must have horns!" and then I scribbled this idiot-looking demon on the cardboard. Minorea cut out the yellow highlights and glued them on him after some good spraying of black paint on the grass.

It was time to debute our new cosplays on Sunday. We cosplayed Panty and Stocking from the series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Minorea had planned to cosplay Stocking a long time ago so I had no choice but to be Panty.

Panty was the weirdest character choice for me to cosplay for many reasons:
- I've  only watched 1 episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
- I hate the drawing style and I think it's just a really annoying anime
- The character's personality doesn't suit me AT ALL
- I have never ever done a dress before

Me as Panty on stage. This is probably the only proper picture of me in this cosplay because I kept fooling around during our photoshoot... Panty was very OOC the whole convention! xD © Tapio Matikainen
 Luckily it was only a small dress and I didn't need to be Panty for more than one day. I really had to rush with the dress because I was leaving to Norway for a 4-day motorcycle trip just before the convention. I finished the dress in one day and didn't really try it on. The next time I tried it was on Saturday, the day of the convention. It was okay, but... The upper part wasn't wide enough. Because Panty's dress had an open back the breast part of the dress showed half of my boobs! Luckily I could blame it on the character even though I had a crisis on Sunday morning whether to wear it or not. :P

Minorea gave in and joined the foolishness! <3
Minorea had planned our cosplay competition show and I put together the voice. We weren't awarded, but it was a good experience even though the organizer let us down many times. We got information about everything too late and things didn't go well in any way:

- we didn't know if we were accepted to take part in the competition earlier than two weeks before the con
- we got information about voice and light requests after Minorea contacted them
- we got no information on schedules and what we were supposed to do (i.e. photoshoot, judging, practicing etc.)
- the only chance to practice was on Saturday evening, after the convention closed for the day => we had a small child with us so we couldn't wait till that late
- we asked for another chance to practice before the conpetition => the organizer answered around 1am with "yeah, you can practice at 9am" => we were 1 hour drive away from the convention place and we had our alarms set to 9am; it was frustrating to notice this message after you had woken up
- because we had no time to practice the lights didn't work the way we wanted them to work

We had an amazing assistant though! She brought us water and offered us her shrimp chips while we were waiting for our turn. She was so nice and totally saved our day! :)

"You had better not get all fat again!" © Tapio Matikainen
All of the contestants © Tapio Matikainen
 After the convention we've got nice critique from people. Now we know that we need to make the sound clip slower so we have time to move around. But people thought it was funny and just like the show! Not just dancing around in cosplays like many of the other contestants. I'm really happy even though no one was supposed to see me carrying our props around and our great monster wasn't visible to the audience because the lights didn't work the way they were supposed to work.

Here's a video of our show:

..yes, my stripping virginity was taken. xD

Next time I'll give you some fursuit updates. ;)


  1. You sripped very good and hope I will see it again in private <3 Erhm, I mean: good job, take off more! Um no, I meant:I'm not pervert!