Monday, 23 September 2013

Tracon 8

Tracon 8 was a bit of an adventure for me - it was my first anime/manga related convention in 4(?) years without Minorea. Actually I had no one to go there with, I had just planned to meet a few people during the weekend. I mostly bothered DJ whose place I was staying at, but she ditched me from time to time. MEANIE! :C

I wore my Gaikotsu fursuit for Saturday. The weather wasn't too hot so it was nice to walk around in my fullsuit. The moment I stepped outside after changing to my fursuit, a group of Thai pushed their children around me and started to take pictures. This has never happened to me so it was surprising. And even more surprising was the fact that after the pictures with childen were taken, the PARENTS came to stand next to me one by one so they could get photos with me too.. :'D

After I got rid of my fans I went to the park and found a big pack of Finnish furries. It was a lot of fun to hang out with old and new acquaintances. Some of them took pictures of me, and I'm afraid these are the only pictures from Tracon (I was stupid and forgot my camera home).

© Lutu
Gaikotsu staring at Terppa's My Little Ponies. © Lutu
 After hanging out with furries I decided to go check the artist alley. I bought beautiful prints from ShadeofShinon and Foolmoose.
Here are links to the prints I bought:
I can't wait to buy frames for them so I can put them on the wall!

The artist alley was really crowded so I got really hot in my fursuit.. I had to go change! Later I put my fursuit on as a partial for the furry meet. I was stupid and forgot to bring a long sleeved shirt. That's why my skin was visible with my handpaws. I felt so bad about it... (TT__TT)

Me and my sis Rimawolf! © frostdanger
© Frostdanger
I didn't even go to any programmes besides the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries and cosplay competition. The costumes were great, but the performances... the quality of most of them was just low. Out of 11 I only liked 3 performances, the other ones were really boring. The fact that you can make amazing coslays doesn't mean that you shouldn't put effort in the performance on the stage! The winners' performance was one of my favourites and they had lovely outfits - the right people are going to represent Finland in WCS! Best of luck to them! :)

The Tracon's own cosplay competition was simply lame. All of the contestants posed in the center of the stage for a little while and then walked away - WHAT?! They had amazing costumes, some of them even better than the ones in WCS. And they were only allowed to pose for a little while.. ? It was really boring competition to watch, especially when it continued with two more costume competitions with loud music on the background and contestants walking in and out of the stage in a steady flow.

I read some other peoples' blog entries and I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who noticed this thing: the worst thing was the audience. People kept yelling stupid and irrelevant things and most of people laughed at their 'jokes'. There was a time when the stage was dark for quite the while, but you could see the WCS contestants on the stage, ready for their performances.. They were already anxious yet they had to listen to stupid bricks yelling their 'jokes' from the audience?! Having experience from couple of smaller cosplay competitions I can't even start to imagine how awful that must have felt.. :(

Aaargh..! Time to stop ranting and head towards the end of my blog entry!

I was supposed to cosplay Soifon on Sunday, but.. I didn't have time to finish the upper part, so I decided to wear only the lower part of the cosplay, BUT... I hadn't finished the wig and people were waiting for me in the morning, so I didn't want to make them wait for any longer.. So I just fursuited. xD But I WILL cosplay Soifon in Katsudocon! See you there! :)

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