Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Future Cosplay/Fursuit Plans

I think that every cosplayer has the same problem... Too many ideas, too little time! I've had some of these ideas for a long time and some of them I got only recently. For some cosplays I've already decided when I'm going to make them too!

Bleach - Soifon

Time: Tracon 2013
Reason: Soifon has always been my favourite female anime character. Even though I'm too tall to actually be her I still can't resist the urge! I didn't have any cosplay prepared for Tracon 2013 and I didn't want to wear my fursuit for both days - that's why I decided that I'll do this cosplay now or never!

Hinoi Team feat Koriki - Night of Fire (the girl in blue)

Time: -
Reason: I don't even remember who originally came up with the idea, but we realized with my friends that one of us would be perfect Koriki.. And then we started to gather other people to do it with Minorea, Hobitti & me. We had planned to do it last year already, but we missed one member and now that we have all members we don't have any convention we can all go to! Difficulties of a bigger group... We've even practiced their dance! :P

Shingeki no Kyojin - Hanji Zoe

Time: -
Reason: I can't help but love the series and the characters' outfits are so cool! I always like the weirdest characters out there and now I'm a fan of Zoe! Also a friend of mine is going to cosplay Levi so we'll be perfect together (I'm taller than her)~

Pokémon - Ponyta

Time: 2013
Reason: I love Pokémon and Ponyta has always been one of my favourites. I always use Ponyta when I play Platinum on DS. I also wanted to do a pony quadsuit.

Amy Fox

Time: Nordic Fuzz Con 2014
Reason: Amy Fox is my original character and also my second fursona. I really want to try and make a sexy fursuit out of her. ;)

Mononoke Hime - Shishigami

Time: 2014
Reason: I thought about making a Shishigami quadsuit a long time ago, but I didn't really think about the realization of it before I joined "Studio Ghibli group cosplay Finland". We're aming to do the biggest Studio Ghibli group cosplay in Finland ever and I didn't even think before I signed myself in as Shishigami.

Hellsing - Hellhound

Time: -
Reason: I love Hellsing, dark creatures and quadsuits. So how could I resist making a quadsuit of Hellhound?

Final Fantasy X - Kimahri Ronso or female Ronso

Time: -
Reason: I recently came accross these amazing species in Final Fantasy (I've never played it, I just found some pictures on the Internet) and started to dream about making a fursuit right away.. I still haven't decided whether I make Kimahri Ronso or just some random female ronso.

Guild Wars 2 - Harathi Sharpshooter

Time: -
Reason: I just want to make a centaur one day and I really like GW2's design on them since it's not so usual!

Disney's Aladdin - Rajah

Time: 2014
Reason: Minorea asked me if I could do Rajah since she's going to do a group cosplay of Disney princesses. Rajah was one of my favourite animal characters when I was a kid, so of course I want to do Rajah!

Lord of the Rings - Arwen Undomiel

Time: -
Reason: I bought Arwen's necklace from Head Hunter Store and Dean told me I should cosplay her. I haven't been able to get the idea out of my mind, so I really have to make it happen some day!

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Asmodeus

Time: -
Reason: Minorea was asked to join a group cosplay of the Sisters and she told me that they're still missing one person. I agreed without knowing anything about the anime, so it's time to start watching something new. :D

So yeah.. If I had been asked about my cosplay plans for the future couple of years ago I would have given you a list of humans. Now only 1/3 of my cosplay plans have nothing to do with fursuiting.. Hmm, people change, they say!

If you have any anthro/animal characters in mind you would like to see cosplayed, I'd love to know! It's surprisingly hard to find anthro characters to cosplay. :)


  1. Ahaha, I have reason number 1 why you have to do cosplays, not only fursuits :D

    Oh btw, Hobitti was the first who was interested to do Hinoi team, but I said that we should cosplay them. So 50/50.

    And thats about Rajah <3 I will pat you really much!

    1. That's true! You evil cosplayer ssakglagshla, you make me busy with new ideas every week!! D8<

      Ooooh, okay! I didn't remember how it went anymore. xD

      You had better give me some belly rubs too. u__u

    2. *evil snigger*

      Belly rubs and...and....rubs.... *grin*